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Some key contributors to the site include: 

JDW whose template for recording the profiles for the organizations listed here lives on in this website's contents. 

LDO, AB, JK, JLM, AH & RP who always manage to find something new in the HF digital world (and find out who it is). 

The WUN Internet Monitoring Club.  A breath of fresh air to HF listening when it started a few years ago, and still going strong.  So much information each day, it's hard to digest! 

RT & NT who provided guidance when I was a Code30 neophyte and beyond. 

MidAtlanticDXer, who spruced up the Colombian Navy profile and ALE information. 

Jason, WUN Webmaster, for allowing me to use the simple, clean lines of the WUN website design. 

Fabrizio Magrone, who finally cracked the unknown West African Christian Aid Network

Mike Agner, who maintains the hardware, software and links pages.

Last Modified: 20th April 2000
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