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Welcome to the UMC Hardware page. On this page, we have links to:

Soundcard Interfaces - Often, hams will use a soundcard interface to make the connection between their computer's soundcard and their radios. This offers many advantages, not the least of which is good isolation and suppressing problems such as hum and ground loops.

Terminal Units - These units require a display of some kind (PC, video terminal) to function. There are some, like the PK232 series, that have been updated to keep up with new capabilities, while others, such as the M-8000 are of limited usefullness since it copies modes that have long since been abandoned.

Terminal Unit Support Programs There are only a few programs available today to interface with the terminal units listed above. This is a rapidly dwindling category as more and more decoding is being done at the software level.

Hardware Links Websites that have other information on these decoders are presented here

Readers - These are units that usually have their own display, in the form of a LCD readout. These kinds of units have been on the market for many years. Sadly, though, for many people just starting out in the digital hobby, these units become rather out of date for their time. They don't have any upgrade path, so new modes cannot be added. There still are some being sold on the market, and the potential users should be aware of this rather big pitfall.

Soundcard Interfaces

  • MFJ Soundcard Interfaces
  • PK-232SC Soundcard Interface
  • Rascal Mk III
  • Rascal Mk V
  • Rigblaster Products
  • Tigertronics Products

    Terminal Units/Hardware Plug In

  • HAL Modems
  • Kantronics KAM-XL
  • MFJ 1278B
  • NOTE:The MFJ-1278B has been marked 'discontinued' on Universal's site
  • SCS Modems
  • Tigertronics BP2M Modem
  • Timewave DSP599ZX
  • Universal M-8000
  • NOTE:The M-8000 has been marked 'discontinued' on Universal's site
  • Wavecom Products (PDF) UPDATED

    Terminal Unit Support Programs

  • Airmail2000
  • Copycat Pro (DOS)
  • M8000 Terminal Software
  • Tigertronics BayPac Software Page
  • Tigertronics SignaLink Software Page
  • TTYTerm

    Hardware Links

  • Care and Feeding of the MFJ1278B for FSK ops
  • Universal's chart of decoders (PDF)
  • Understanding Soundcard Interfacing


  • NOTE:Except for the MFJ unit, all of the following have been marked 'discontinued' on Universal's website - the links are here for refererence only
  • AOR TDF-370
  • AOR ARD-2
  • MFJ-462B
  • Universal M-450

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