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Welcome to the UMC miscellaneous links section. Here you'll find links to:

Other Software Sites - Links in this section have other sites that have a good selection of software links.

Other Digital Sites - Links in this section have more information on specific digital topics, such as interfacing soundcards, comments on RTTY terminal units, FAX/SSTV and more. If you'd like to try your hand at building your own soundcard interface, the Understanding Soundcard Interfacing site is a must read.

Retailers - Some well known retailers of digital hardware and software are presented here.

Mailing Lists (aka Reflectors) - In recent years, there's been a slow but steady development of mailing lists (reflectors) that are devoted to a vast multitude of topics. Of greater importance here is the existence of a few groups devoted to specific software. This is a big help to the beginner, as that person can ask questions and get answers before making a huge investment. Hopefully, more of these kinds of lists will appear in the near future.

Databases - It's sometimes necessary to use a database to look up an unfamiliar callsign, or to research unfamiliar networks. Some links for retailers and online databases are presented here. However, with the professional support is a jump in costs, so expect to spend more for such applications.

Also check out the files on the Utility DXers Forum Modes page. Here you will find numerous files on specialty modes, reading foreign digital systems and much more

Other Software Sites

  • Amateur Radio Visual Software
  • Linux based digital decoding software
  • Reviews of digital (and other) software (via EHam)
  • Soundblaster Software page by Dr.Oliver Welp

    Other Digital Sites

  • Fldigi Wiki
  • Fuzzy Modes and Modern Digital Modes
  • GMDSS links
  • HF-Fax by Marius Rensen
  • HFLink.org
  • IFS's Technical Handbook for Radio Monitoring UPDATED
  • NDB List website


  • Universal Radio

    Mailing Lists

  • DSC List
  • Digital Radio
  • DXSoft
  • Enigma2000
  • fldigi
  • HFLink (ALE)
  • MixW
  • MM-Hamsoft
  • MultiPSK
  • Navtex DXing
  • AEA/Timewave PK232
  • Radiocom
  • RXPlus
  • Shipplotter
  • Skysweeper
  • Universal M-8000
  • Utility DXers Forum (UDXF)


  • Frequency Manager UPDATED
  • Klingenfuss
  • Shoc
  • World Aeronautical Database

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