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There are a wealth of digital signals that can be heard throughout the radio spectrum, many of these can be readily identified by ear.  However, recognizing the many new systems appearing every few months can require extensive investigation to identify the manufacturer and possible users. 

Fortunately, there are some excellent resources on the web allowing you to listen to audio clips of these signals, identify the system in use or learn more about a known signal. 

  • The 2nd section of the HF Digital Decoding Wiki at RadioReference contains a growing library of sites with audio samples (and some have waterfall pictures) of digital signals heard chiefly between 1 and 30 MHz, and other bands, too.
  • The Utility DXers forum website has numerous digital related files containing a wealth of information about HF digital signals, how to decode them, installation tricks for various software packages and much more
  • I also write the monthly "Digital HF: Intercept and Analyze" column in The Spectrum Monitor, the premier magazine devoted to radio listening.

Last Modified: 7th October 2014
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