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Welcome to the UMC Software page. On this page, we have links to:

Integrated Radio/Decoder Software - There are a few programs that combine radio control and digital decoding. This is a category that isn't well explored by most manufacturers, but is unique for its all in one approach.

Soundcard Digital Decoders - Without a doubt, most of the active development has been in the area of decoding using a simple connection to a sound card in a computer. Many such packages now exist, with more gradually making their way onto the market. Even here, some have extensive aids, waterfall displays and other devices to help decode (and sometimes analyze) an unknown signal

Amateur Radio Digital Software - If you're a ham who happens to use one of the packages listed in this section, you may be surprised to learn that they will also decode HF-FAX and SITOR-B (sometimes also known as AMTOR Mode B, AMTOR FEC and NAVTEX) weather broadcasts. See the Testing Your New Setup article from the popular RadioReference wiki for a listing of these broadcasts.

Decoders Using RS-232 Interfaces - This section lists software that needs some sort of interface (usually a RS232 connection like the Hamcomm or Tigertronics Bay-Pac modem) to feed the program. These programs are very old; dont expect much support for them. They will, however, run on very old PCs

IPhone(c), IPAD(c) and IPOD Touch (c) Digital Decoding Software - We have some digital decoding packages listed here that can run on an IPhone, IPad or IPod Touch. You can either use the built in speaker, or better, a connection between your receiver and unit. These links come from Black Cat Systems

DSP Audio Programs - What if you're using a less expensive program, or perhaps using a PK232 and would like a better tuning aid, or would like to do some viewing with an analyzer? Well, up to a few years ago, you were out of luck. With the development of DSP processing, and the popularity of soundcard programs, such programs are now readily available. Some allow you to create your own filters, view a signal with an audio spectrum analyzer, and more.

Note that any link that is green can interface with Software Defined Radios (SDRs). Please see the website or the technical documentation for more information.

Please note that the Sorcerer, Signals Analysis and Utlity DXing Primer documentation (in PDF) are courtesy of the UDXF Modes page.

Integrated Radio/Decoder Software

  • FLDigi Downloads
  • Flrig is needed for interfacing with FLdigi for transceiver control
  • go2decode (via Shoc)
  • go2monitor (via Shoc)
  • Krypto500
  • Utility DXing-A Primer(PDF)
  • MixW
  • MixW interfaces with the Funcube Dongle
  • MScan
  • MS-DMT
  • MultiPSK
  • MultiPSK interfaces with the Funcube Dongle (all versions), RTL/SDR and Softrock SDRs
  • PC-ALE
  • Can be obtained from the HFLink.org website
  • Radiocom 6
  • RadioJet Digital Decoder UPDATED
  • Note: Page is in German
  • RX Plus
  • Sigmira
  • Sorcerer
  • Sorcerer Installation and Operation (PDF)
  • Run Sorcerer under Win7 (in Italian)
  • Android based decoder based on FLDigi
  • Wavecom W-Code UPDATED
  • Wavecom W-Spectra
  • Winradio Digital Suite
  • Note: Software has been discontinued. Use as historical reference only
  • Winradio Advanced Digital Suite
  • Winradio Universal FSK Decoder
  • See this page on the WinRadio website for compatible receivers

  • Soundcard Digital Decoders

  • Amalgamated DGPS
  • Display Launcher
  • DSC Decoder
  • Frisnit NAVTEX decoder
  • GRitty
  • Hoka Code 300-32
  • JNX
  • JVComm 32
  • JWX
  • Can be found in the files area of the HFDL Yahoo group
  • RFSM8000
  • Rivet
  • SeaTTY
  • Synop Decoder (ActiveX Module)
  • Updated versions of these 2 decoders can be found at the NDB List - The Datamodes Section
  • Yet Another DSC Decoder (YADD)
  • Yet Another NAVTEX Decoder (YAND)
  • Zorns Lemma
  • Note: Page is in German

  • Amateur Radio Digital Software

  • CocoaModem (Mac Systems)
  • Fldigi downloads
  • MixW
  • Multimode (Mac Systems)
  • MultiPSK
  • Android based decoder based on FLDigi
  • TrueTTY

    Decoders using RS-232 Interfaces

  • Hamcomm (unofficial page)
  • RadioRaft

    IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch Digital Decoding Software

  • ALE Decoding
  • GMDSS/DSC Decoding
  • HF Weather FAX Decoding
  • IPad Morse

    DSP Audio Programs

  • Adobe Audition CC
  • Audacity
  • Baudline
  • DSPfilter
  • GNASP1
  • Godafoss Audio Spectrum Display
  • Hamalyzer
  • QSpectrumanalyzer
  • Signals Analyzer
  • Intro to Signals Analyzer (PDF)
  • SigView
  • Soundcard Oscilloscope
  • Sound Forge Audio Studio
  • Spectra Plus
  • Spectran
  • Spectralab
  • Spectravue
  • Spectrum Lab
  • Spectrogram
  • Swezey Digital Filter Program
  • Touchstone
  • XSpectrum

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