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Welcome to the UMC Software page. On this page, we have links to:

Decoders Using Interfaces - This section lists software that needs some sort of interface (usually a RS232 connection) to feed the program. While these programs have not seen active development in recent years, they remain a viable option for many, as they can copy modes other software cannot. They often have on screen tuning aids and other devices to aid in tuning and decoding a signal.

Integrated Radio/Decoder Software - There are a few programs that combine radio control and digital decoding. This is a category that isn't well explored by most manufacturers, but is unique for its all in one approach.

Soundcard Interfaces - Often, hams will use a soundcard interface to make the connection between their computer's soundcard and their radios. This offers many advantages, not the least of which is good isolation and suppressing problems such as hum and ground loops. If you use an interface, there's no reason why many of the next section's programs will also work, whether you're a ham or not.

Soundcard Digital Decoders - Without a doubt, most of the active development has been in the area of decoding using a simple connection to a sound card in a computer. Many such packages now exist, with more gradually making their way onto the market. Even here, some have extensive aids, waterfall displays and other devices to help decode (and sometimes analyze) an unknown signal

DSP Audio Programs - What if you're using a less expensive program, or perhaps using a PK232 and would like a better tuning aid, or would like to do some viewing with an analyzer? Well, up to a few years ago, you were out of luck. With the development of DSP processing, and the popularity of soundcard programs, such programs are now readily available. Some allow you to create your own filters, view a signal with an audio spectrum analyzer, and more.

Decoders using Interfaces
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